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stephabee's Journal

10 February 1984
aprons, autumn, bake sales, baking, baths, bell orchestre, bike baskets, bikes, birkenstocks, birthdays, bjork, books, bowls, bumble bees, burt's bees lip gloss, but im a cheerleader, buttons, cake, cake walks, candy, cardigans, cartwheels, cat eye glasses, cbc, cfcr, chana masala, cheese, chickpeas, chocolate, chopsticks, clean sheets, cookbooks, cookies, cooking, crafternoons, crafts, cupcakes, curry, dancing, daniel clowes, dishes, diy, fabric, felt birds, feminism, fireworks, flowers, fresh herbs, friends, garage sales, gardening, garlic, ghost world, gourds, grocery shopping, hardwood floors, harold and maude, hayden, homemade soup, hugs, ice cream, imacs, interior design, iron and wine, joanna newsom, joel plaskett, julie doiron, kalamata olives, kids in the hall, kitchen gadgets, kitchens, kitties, knitting, late night cooking, laughing, le tigre, lists, making things, mannequins, martha stewart, mary janes, michel gondry, mittens, moroccan mint tea, painting, pajamas, paper lanterns, pasta, pee wee herman, photos, pinking sheers, polariods, polka dots, potlucks, pottery, pro-choice, pumpkins, purses, radical cheerleading, reading, recipes, recycling, red wine, rick rack, riding my bike, rohinton mistry, saskatchewan, saskatoon, scrabble, screenprinting, sewing, sharpies, shotgun & jaybird, shows, sleeping, slippers, sloppy mondays, spring, stationary, staying up late, stitch 'n' bitch, sudoku, sushi, sushiro, tattoos, teapots, tegan and sara, the arcade fire, the broadway theatre, the cape may, the farmer's market, the moldy peaches, the northern lights, the prairies, the robot ate me, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, the winks, thirft stores, tobogganing, vintage cloth napkins, vintage dresses, vintage sewing patterns, webcomics, wes anderson movies, wolf parade, wool, yarn, yoga, zines